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As a Neo-Shaman, my primary role is to be the go-between in the gap between the Spirit World and our very modern world. I utilize the traditional practices and today's methods along with technology. This has allowed me to reach out to people all over the globe.

Growing up in the United States, I am surrounded with many different beliefs and spiritual practices, all of which have influenced my Neo-Shamanic identity and pathway. Through research and experience I have learned that Spiritual Truth knows no boundaries or has no limitations.

In my Neo-Shamanic work I am a counselor (coach) and metaphysician who performs sacred ceremonies, offers guidance through intuitive readings, and is influenced by energy for the sake of healing and manifestation. I also interpret visions and dreams and perform soul retrievals, dimensional soul therapy, chakra balancing, and guided meditations for those who seek. I am intimately connected to nature and the elements. There are many tools I use, such as the tuning forks, vibrational sounds, and employing guidance to help connect to the divine. It is this connection that allows me to pierce the veil between the worlds and effect change in the waking reality.




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